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What style of wedding videography are you looking for?

What video style are you after?

Every bride will know all the details of their dream wedding as they have probably been planning it for years prior to getting engaged or even meeting their future husband.  They will know exactly the theme, the dress style and the wedding venue, but have you considered wedding videography?

Yes that’s right what will you have to look back on once the biggest day of your life is over?

If you are looking to keep a tight budget you may be tempted to ask for help from your friends and family to take photos and to shoot the wedding video but do they have the skills and experience to create an exceptional wedding video similar to one that Chicago wedding videographers would create?  Remember you do not get married every day?  So if you are going to cut back on areas of your wedding remember your wedding video is a memento that will stay with you for a long time.

Do you really want your Uncle John to create the wedding video which could potentially have a shaky camera and blurry bits as you walk down the aisle.  Your wedding is not a trial; it only happens once so is important that the video is perfect just like your perfect day.

Honestly, hiring professional wedding videographers is the right decision to make; they can create a high quality and high definition video that you will be proud of.  You will not regret it!

The next question to ask yourself once you have made the decision to get one of many Chicago professional wedding videographers is that you need to decide on the style you would like.

As you move closer to your big day you may experience a mixture of feelings such as excitement, being frightened and stressed as there are lots of decisions to be made as the big day draws closer.  One of them decisions will be the style of your video.  Do not take this decision lightly because it will have a big impact on the overall video, and after all you want it to reflect your own tastes.

Every couple are different, so we take a look at some of the video styles available to you so you can create one of the best wedding videos ever and create that professional wedding cinema style video.


This method of output would require a minimal amount of editing.  The intention of this style of wedding video is create a personal style but captures the real details of the wedding day.  This is fantastic for those on a tight budget.


As the name suggests, this is creating the illusion of your wedding video being like a movie.  If you would like this style as you can imagine a lot more editing is requested to create a professional wedding cinema style video.  Remember you will be the star of the show as your wedding will have sophisticated music and great sound effects making you look a million dollars.  As you can imagine this style would be more expensive as a lot more editing is required.


This is usually the most popular for couples.  No direction as it captures the essence of the wedding and may include interviews with your guests.  Be great to see what they say about you after.

Why choose a wedding videography to capture your wedding day?

In the chaos of organising every little detail of your big day, securing a wedding video is often an after though. But when the magical event is over, a wedding video will be a long standing reminder of the joy you experienced from start to finish. Many couples find that not have a nice wedding video to look back on is their only regret of the occasion.

When you do decide to get your wedding filmed, you have couple options to consider. The most obvious solution would be to have a member of your family capture it on a home camcorder, but what happens when ‘Uncle John’ gets teary at the chapel or drunk at the reception doo? You run the risk of a soundtrack of sobs and a collage of shaky camera work.  The sensible choice is to pick a professional Chicago wedding videography company, with their high-quality equipment, extra memory cards and years of experience; it’s unlikely that a family member will pay attention to the following:

Getting the lighting right

A great wedding video uses great lighting to ensure that you, your guests and your venue look your best. A professional videographer can either bring the right lighting equipment along with them or use their skills to capitalise on natural lighting. High end cameras are also designed so that the operator can adjust settings to fit the light available, using an everyday camcorder can lead to overexposure or dark and grainy images.

Capturing the best angles

Finding the best angle from which to shoot is another skill held by professional videographers, they’ll be able to adapt to what is going on, ensuring no blocked shots or unflattering viewpoints. Professional wedding videographers may be able to put more than one camera to use too, meaning you can get footage of both the bride and groom and the congregations reaction which can be edited together.

Using different lenses

Camera lenses are another element which adds to high-quality videography. A pro filmmaker can work out when to use which camera lenses and ensure that he can get up close to the action during the day.

Perfect sound

On-camera microphones are usually sub-standard, professional videographers will provided the top-notch sound equipment that is needed to provide crisp, clean playback of the wedding vows and tear-jerking reception speeches. You may require clip-on mics or a shotgun microphone, both provide isolated recording without catching the conversations of emotional or tiddly guests. Professional videographers will also know how to manage the dramatic changes of sound that may happen at your evening party; amateur recording of the disco can lead to painful sound problems which post-production compression can remove.

When you envision your finished wedding video, do you picture a wobbly home video or a polish and accurate representation of your perfect day? If you’re looking for the latter, a professional videographer s a necessity in creating the best wedding films possible. Plus, ‘Uncle John’ is a guest after all. Perhaps you should just let him get on with his job, having fun, and let the pro capture the footage of your special day making one of many beautiful wedding films in Chicago.